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Good to see Kid Pix is still updating their software.

Reminiscent of 60's scfi like Robinson Crusoe on Mars and Fantastic Voyage where a lot of the story is told through the environment. Great work.

dimrmn responds:

thank you!

The cut from falling off the chair to sliding into frame from the side when she is already standing up is an inconsistent transition. Other than that the animation looked free flowing and because of it the chair spin and the fall looked really good.

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I had fun with this game. The extra polish with the art and the music makes me think of a Nitrome game.Congratulations on creating a beautiful game.

Rarykos responds:

Oh haha, what a comparison! Thank you very much! We worked for a couple of months and then I spent all my time polishing it for a year, so I'm really happy somebody noticed!

It does not stray to far from the genre it is a part of but when it's built this well it doesn't have to. Strong simplicity of moving, jumping, and forward thinking still shows how rewarding a game can be. I also like her running animation. Shows that she is a serious spelunker.

A creative puzzler with limited animation, art, and music. Proof that a simple idea and clever puzzle design is all that is needed to make a puzzle game fun and infuriating.

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I don't know how one judges trance but I like it. Why is taco under your tags? Taco trance music?

Geoplex responds:

i like tacos

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Slick portrait. Neon green and pink is a colour combo that does not get enough attention for how cool it looks. Her fearful expression pops with the bright shine of her face contrasting well with the burnt black hair closing in around her. The green blood and the turquoise punctuations at the corners take away from the whole but make up for it with style.

CHOKEPOINT's surreal atmosphere of a far gone future illustrated in a mesmerizing black-&-white palette showcases itself as an interesting piece of mind loaded science fiction. It reminded me of Under the Skin and Ubik.

MackleNG responds:

best comment of all time

If we could vote in this contest you would have had mine. The pose is the most unique out of all the entries I've seen so far. The mosiac posters (how did you do that) are instantly recognizable despite their small size. That being said what is the one in the middle suppose to be?

ozix responds:

Thx man, the poster in the middle is actually a random B movie poster lol. Kinda ran out of idea near the end

I love your stuff. Not your genitals, your work you creep.


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